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Our Firm

Founded in 2005, Ardent Capital is a fee based Registered Investment Adviser located in Los Altos, California.

Ardent Capital does not take custody of clients’ assets.  We manage clients’ portfolios within their brokerage or individual retirement accounts (IRA) through a limited power of attorney provided by clients’ brokerage firms.

Ardent Capital utilizes various types of investments tools to manage clients’ portfolios:  individual stocks, mutual Funds, ETFs, and fixed income, which includes certificates of deposits, municipal bonds and corporate bonds.

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires every Registered Investment Adviser to publish a brochure online with SEC and is available through SEC adviser search website.  An additional brochure supplement describe our business known as Form ADV can be reviewed here.

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“Having worked in the financial industry since 1994, my biggest job satisfaction has come from helping many clients understand the fundamentals of investing, and offering them a peace of mind with their investments by prudently managing their portfolios, while adapting to the changes of their financial needs.

With that passion in mind, I’ve decided to found my own company. My mission is to serve my clients wholeheartedly, prudently and to inject a different kind of positive attitude and highest standard of ethics into the investment advisory profession.”

 - Mark G. Liu, President and founder of Ardent Capital

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